Watch Online for TWO DAYS Only.

November 16, 2010

‘Bygone Behemoth’ will be viewable in its entirety online this week as part of the Stockholm Film Festival’s iFestival.

It will be online for TWO DAYS ONLY the 17th and 18th (Wednesday & Thursday). People can vote for the film they like best.

Please check it out, feel free to vote, and hope you enjoy!


2 Responses to “Watch Online for TWO DAYS Only.”

  1. zillastyle said

    I managed to catch it the other day.

    Needless to say the animation is wonderful but I’m no expert! The music fits the mood and there are some neat gags in there too.

    Older visual effects were a labour of love with people doing the best with what they had. Now that passion has been largely replaced with by-the-numbers software rendering. Not to undermine the talent of the animators however.

    The beauty of older effects is that people simply didn’t have the resources to do anything they want on a computer. If you wanted to see a spaceship you had to build it, if you wanted it to be big you had to make everything around it smaller. And the scope of your effects depended not just on studio budget but largely the spare time of dedicated film makers.

    It’s the difference between working for something or being given it. When you give someone the ability to do anything, they won’t have to go through the stressful yet rewarding task of having to figure out how they’re going to make these effects practically. That’s how you learn to be more creative. By having to figure out how you’re going to create the impossible with very little.

    It’s the difference between A New Hope’s visual effects and Phantom Menace’s visual effects. The latter’s are more detailed and vibrant, but they don’t help the story, and are downright boring to watch compared to the simple opening scene of A New Hope, which used two models and flashes of light.

    There was also a sad undertone regarding how we can often forget where we came from. We’re so interested in moving forward we can very easily take for granted the efforts of the people who came before us. That was the saddest part of the film, the feeling of being forgotten after having been so huge (literally!).

    This is what I took away from Bygone Behemoth.

    Thanks for making it!

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