Harry Chaskin – Writer/Director

Harry is a writer, director, animator, and actor. A graduate of the California Institute of the Arts, he enjoys monster movies, crossword puzzles, and three out of the four Beatles. He has worked as a screenwriter, animator, illustrator, and consultant for established studios and independent production companies, and his movies have screened at venues across the globe.  He also plays guitar… poorly.

Check out his artwork and other musings at KittensInCarbonite.

Contact: HarryChaskin@Gmail.com

Daniel Walter – Composer

Daniel’s  professional work has ranged from writing sweeping orchestral trailer music for the boutique trailer music company “X-Ray Dog” to composing for the comedic Starz original television series “Party Down.”  First acquainted with Harry and his work in high school, he is thrilled to be a part of the “Bygone Behemoth” team.

Listen to more of Daniel’s work at DanielWalterMusic.com

Seth Armstrong – Painter

Seth created all the movie posters for the Behemoth’s forgotten 50’s films. View his amazing paintings at SethArmstrong.com

Patrick Janssen – Foley Artist/Sound Mixer

Patrick is a native of Emporia, Kansas. He now lives and works in Los Angeles as a sound designer for film and theatre.


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